Accepting Applications for the Nishimiya Fellows Program!

How to apply

1-2 students will be selected for the June 2015 program. The program will take place in late June (exact dates TBD).

The application is due by March 15, 2015.

Submit your resume and essay questions here

Applicants should send a submit a completed application and updated resume with information on education, publications, work and extracurricular activities at the following website:

Please read below for the eligibility and selection criteria. For questions, please email


        1. Students in good academic standing pursuing a 4-year undergraduate degree, a masters or professional degree or a doctorate

Selection Criteria

        1. Demonstrated academic excellence
        2. Shows strong interest in the Nishimiya Fellows Program and/or Consortium for Japan Relief at Columbia
        3. Demonstrated interest in medicine, Japan, the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake or social activism
        4. Preference will be given to affiliates of Columbia University and students in the health professions (MPH, MD, DO, RN, PA, PhD)


      1. Present summer experiences at the CJR meeting in the fall of 2015

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