2014 Program

2014 Program Participants

Millie Nishikawa (Columbia University, Class of 2016)

Millie Nishikawa is a second year pre-medical undergraduate student earning a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Behavior. Having researched the March 11th Great East Japan Earthquake in Tokyo last summer, she is looking forward to gaining an even deeper understanding of the disaster by visiting Fukushima to learn about disaster medicine and to contribute to relief efforts. As an aspiring physician, she is very excited to be a part of this program, and hopes to share her experience with a greater audience. 

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 Miyuki Shimizu (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Miyuki Shimizu is a registered dietitian and doctoral student studying Nutritional Epidemiology and Behavior Nutrition. As growing up in Nasu and having a mother from Fukushima, she has a strong bond with Fukushima prefecture . After participating in several disaster relief volunteer programs in the Tohoku regions, she decided to examine the impact of radiation on the victim’s eating patterns and understand the risk of chronic diseases for her PhD dissertation. She plans to establish nutritional education guidelines based on her research finding and help the public make wiser dietary choice and reduce the incidence of childhood obesity in Fukushima.

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William Anderson (Teachers College, MA Candidate, Clinical Psychology)

William Anderson is a second year masters student at Columbia University studying Clinical Psychology, concentrating in Global Mental Health and Trauma.  William’s current work focuses on post-disaster community resilience as well as research concerning transitioning military veterans. He is very excited to utilize what he learns in Japan as part of his mental health interests.


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